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 Information Collected

Threadiverse offers our users, and those that interact with us peace of mind that yours along with their private and personal information will never be sold, or rented to any third. Threadiverses Privacy policy discloses the information it collects on you., Threadiverse makes sure to secure this information , how you interact with your personal information, how you can decline and reject information about you being used and collected. This excludes the sharing of essential information like shipping addresses and locations by shipping providers, USPS, FedEx, UPS, credit card, Paypal, debit card information(fully encrypted) or other direct fulfillment companies and services that the business relies on for it's operations.

 Threadiverse fully respects your privacy and information.

Your visit to Threadiverse is subject to privacy policy 

Change maybe made by Threadiverse to the Privacy policy and all other terms and policies as needed by Threadiverse, If Threadiverse changes any policy or terms they will be posted in their respective sections. We suggest you and all visitors to every so often check the Policy, terms and conditions.

When, and how Threadiverse collects information. 

When communicating with Threadiverse, information maybe collected and stored that you and any other users may store including name, mailing information, contact information, financial information and social media information.

Other bit's of information that isn't person including Inter Service Provider, Geo Location, URL, cookie information, operating system, browsers used and login and accessing times when users have accessed the site. Other information includes user names, passwords, email , mailing addresses and other registration information used for things like newsletter, promotional material and other basic functions of the Threadiverse website. Information used in conjunction with other Social Media sites should be examined on both Threadiverse and the related social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Social media sites along with emails can be used to enable you and other users to create accounts  and make quick access to accounts faster by storing login information  Social media Networks should notify you of when Threadiverse is using your information for logging in. 

Analytics and reporting technologies will be used to record non personal information. Threadiverse may use cookies, crawlers, or web beacons to collect non personal information.

 Personal information primary use will be for processing, producing, shipping and tracking  orders. Monitoring forums, customer service and support are also apart of the information usage. Information collected from you and other users maybe used to pay any commissions for any designs. Threadiverse does not share sensitive information like credit card data or any account information with unaffiliated other third parties unless you or the end user authorizes its use to do so or if its a necessity for fulfilling Threadiverses responsibilities.

 Theardiverse  will only use personal information with third party vendors for reasons such as manufacturing, printing, or logistics. The personal information is not provided to these vendors for marketing purposes.

This information is also collected to help Threadiverse better understand you, what makes you happy, what we can do better to make your experience more enjoyable and with purpose.

  The global nature of the internet means that personal information submitted means that by providing Threadiverse with your information, information maybe transfered to andf from our services in The United States and throughout the globe.

Threadiverse may disclose non personal information for potential strategic partners, advertisers, investors, customers and others. You are welcome to opt out of sharing at any time, however cannot be used for identification of you easily.

Threadiverse reserves the right to disclose including personal information to government agencies, legal issues and government request and or court orders. To  prevent  or protect against, illegal activity that you or any designer or artist has infringed upon any intellectual properties rights. If you state that an independent designer or artist has infringed upon your rights, we may disclose your information to that designer, artist or persons.

Threadiverse contacts and contracts partners to help manage, optimize and monitor the Threadiverse business. Threadiverse uses card payment processors, shipping providers, direct fullfillment providers, analytics, reporting or any other operations regarding the business.  Threadiverse may need to share information with these providers to better serve all Threadiverse users.  Threadiverse will take steps within reason to prevent parties outside of Threadiverses control from sharing or disclosing personal information, except for the purpose of providing services and related to the user, designer, artist  and others and their information. Threadiverse cannot guarantee partners will not disclose your information.

Threadiverse uses third party vendors to display relevant ads for Threadiverse not on the Threadiverse website. These advertising vendors may collect anonymous information about your Threadiverse site visits, and interact with our products and services. These vendors may use this information for goods and services advertisements.Some of these vendors may use cookies or web beacons to collect information anonymously to display ads based on your previous visits to Threadiverse, and related ads to Threadiverses functions. you can optout of interest based ads by visiting the Advertising initiative op-out page.


 In the event Threadiverse goes through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition, or sale, your personal information will likely be among the assets transferred to a successor-in-interest. Threadiverse reserves the right to transfer any personal and non-personal information to such successor-in-interest.

 Threadiverse works to protect all information collected on the Threadiverse website in a secure and safe and confidential way.



Threadiverse uses (SSL) Secure Socket Layers, a security protocol used to protect card information and promotes secure online ordering. These connections are encrypted and may protective sensitive ordering information so it cannot be read during transit. 

Corrections of your information can be made by contacting us. Employee access to information may also be restricted to further protect your information. If your information changes or you no longer want to use Threadiverse, you may correct, update your information through the account management system. To deactivate your account you can contact us to request deactivation.


Your privacy is wildly important to us

Threadiverse wants to communicate with you via email mostly. When you purchase things from Threadiverse, Threadiverse may from time to time, send emails to you describing new products, offers and sales. If you no longer at anytime wish to receive emails from Threadiverse, you can click the unsubscribe button on the bottom of any of those emails at any time.

When your personal information is obtained, we commercially and reasonably employ efforts to protect your information. No method of transmissions over internet or electronic storage is 100% protected. There in, we strive to acceptable and possible means to protect your information we cannot guarantee its full security. Threadiverse is not liable for any disclosure of data due to errors in transmission or unauthorized access.

The content stored, post or transmitted through Threadiverse, such as forum posting and designs maybe accessed by others. We are not responsible for the actions of others and you the user should use care in communicating with other users and only disclose what you deem as acceptable and what Threadiverse would deem as acceptable regarding its policies.


Should you need help with any of Threadiverses products or services, Threadiverse may ask you to confirm some information that is normally private. Such as name, address, or anything relevant to the problem you have and finding the solution for it. Details and other additional information will not be asked or emailed to you directly outside of normal business functions unless you have requested it or require support





You agree that we may at any time without notice to you transfer, assign or sell all of our rights under this Agreement to any party that we choose, including any person or entity that acquires our business or any portion of it. If we transfer the license you provide to us to a third party or if Threadiverse is sold, you may immediately terminate this the license provided in this Agreement at any time, unless the third party or Threadiverse's purchaser agrees to comply with the terms of this Agreement. Otherwise, your obligations to the person or entity we assign this Agreement to will continue in full force following the assignment.

Threadiverse reserves the right to abort the sale of the design for any reason including copyright, printing at another site, being a tracer so on and so forth.



Threadiverse does not review all Submissions posted to or created by users accessing Threadiverses tech (This includes, but is not limited to, the website). The designs, submissions and art, submitted by independent artist who are informed of and have accepted Threadiverses policies with regards to the concern of the Intellectual Properties of others. The designs Accepted by Threadiverse, are new, original, and/or transformative designs and works that maybe social commentary, satirized, parody, or provide a transformative viewpoint of the IP rights of others. Only "Fair Use"  is implemented and Threadiverse respects the IP rights of others.

Threadiverse currently is not affiliated with IP rights owners, which the submitted, or selected designs may refer to during, leading up to nor at the final release of the designs in the store or regarding Threadiverse. Threadiverse is also not responsible for the manner nor content of these activities or communication by the users, artist or submittors. 

Submitters acknowledge that by providing you, the designer and or the submitter, the means and ability to view and  distribute designers, artist or user generated content through Threadiverse and it's technology, Threadiverse acts as a passive means for distribution of such content and information and is to be not liable for, nor assume any duty to monitor the website for inappropriate content, comments and assume no responsibility that may arise from the content including but not limited to, slander, infringement, invasion of privacy, publicity rights, pornography, profanity, libel, defamation, obscenity,  or anything deemed offensive, or damaging to any parties, persons or anyone in contact with Threadiverse. You the viewer as well as the general public and all occupants  acknowledge that you understand you maybe exposed to offensive, indecent, objectionable or inaccurate. You, and or all occupants viewing Threadiverse or any material regarding Threadiverse hold Threadiverse harmless and indemnify Threadiverse and it's Affiliates to the fullest extent the law allows, regarding to all matters related to your use, users use, Artist and Designers use of Threadiverse and Threadiverses technology.You agree to waive  and hereby do waive any legal or equitable rights, resources and or remedies you have or may have against Threadiverse in respect thereto, and to the extent the applicable law permits. Threadiverse reserves the right to without notice or prior notice and at it's discretion the rights to disable, remove, and delete communications, materials, post, that determined by Threadiverse to be; Harmful, threatening, defamatory, abusive, obscene, deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or involving potentially any and all law breaking activities. Theadiverse also reserves the rights to without notice or prior notice remove anything and everything relating to, Copyright violations, copyright, trademark, trade secrets, Intellectual property or properties, patents, anything that violates non disclosure agreements of another or any unacceptable and unreasonable violations of Threadiverses privacy and all other policies for any other reason at its sole discretion. You, Artist, Designers and Submitters understand and agree that disabling and blocking or removing communications of a same or similar nature, post, materials may result if any of the policies, rights or overall site functions, growth, stability and overall health of operations is affected by the end user, submitter, artist or designer.You, the Artist, the Designer,  and Submitters understand that should violations or unacceptable behavior happens may result in the cancellation or abrupt interruption of orders, current , previous and future orders revolving around, or involving your submissions.


Limitation of Liability

You agree and understand that in the event of any dispute regarding the submitter's work, works or design submissions of the works to Threadiverse liability shall be limited to unpaid license fees if any owed to the artist provided in this agreement. You agree and understand that you will not be entitled to terminate or rescind this agreement, or seek equitable injunctive relief or enjoin, restrain or otherwise interfere with the exercise of the licenses granted in this agreement.

Survival of Terms

If you elect to terminate the license set forth in this Agreement the following sections of the Agreement will remain in effect following the termination: Design Warranty, Indemnity, Disclaimers, Liability Limitation, Threadiverse's Trademarks and Copyright, and General Terms.






















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