Top Iconic Anime Heroes

Picture of Anime Characters, Such as Goku From Dragon Ball Z, Luffy from One Piece, Naruto and many more

Top Iconic Anime Heroes

When anyone thinks about anime, there are certain characters that definitely come to mind. They are the face of anime, what anime is portrayed as (excluding what everyone else thinks about hentai). You can surely identified many if these characters even if you weren't an anime fan. Surely while, throughout time, many more notable faces have been added to this roster. Usually each decade since the 90s has had their own set of iconics characters which have piled up as time has gone by.

The 90s Heros were based on the popular anime spreading throughout the world, from the land of rising sun. Characters like the Saiyan Race’s most prominent fighter, Soldier of Love and Justice fighting evil by moonlight, and the time travelling blue super cat.

The 2000s gave us more prominent and well known faces among the current generations of anime lovers and regular people alike. Characters like the kid who wanted to be the very best like no one ever was, King of Card Games, Leaf Village Hokage, Rubber Pirate King, Spiritual Swordsman and the manliest man wielding a super power robot drill.

The 2010s are still giving us some memorable faces join the cast of recognizable Anime heros. Heroes always setting out to save the world and protect the world. Characters The world’s edgiest titan killer, the One for All hero, and many more recognizable faces. These characters are certainly the most famous of their kin and are quite recognizable by many of the patrons of the world. Certainly does make sense why the 2020 Olympic mascots are many of these popular anime characters.

See if you can find these in this picture!

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