Goku in New Smash?

Funimation wanting to throw Goku into Newly Announced Super Smash Bros

With the announcement of the new Super Smash Bros a couple of days ago, an age old question has been revived once more. Which new characters are going to join the roster of the Super Smash Bros? The roster of the game has certainly been increasing with every subsequent games and more and more unique characters have been showing up like Cloud, Snake and Sonic.     

So one character that has certainly been questioned about pertaining to the appearance of is none other than Goku, hero of earth and prominent remaining Saiyan. With his prominent appearance in many of his own fighting style video games similar to a smash bros format, it certainly is plausible. Everyone knows who the orange jumpsuit wearing martial artist, and many request his presence. He may very well have a chance to join the new roster.

Not many characters have been confirmed to be in the new game, but we suspect the return of many prominent character previously featured across the series. Nintendo certain has a prospective opportunity to big a famous character into its game and certainly with it will come an influx of new fans.

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