Art Thieves

Art Thieves

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Let's take a moment to talk about.........Thieves. More specifically Art thieves.
These are a specific type of bad.  Not all bad, definitely not all good.
Art thieft seems to be a very lucrative business in todays world, especially online. theft of designs for resale on instagram, random websites, and the ring leader, Facebook are on the rise and pretty rampant. You almost can't scroll through your feed if you like a particular show or series without seeing a stolen design being hawked by a related page. The artist has no idea that their design has been ripped off and the thief is on their merry way.  "JUST FOR [INSERT GENRE OR SHOW HERE] FANS ORDER NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY NOT IN STORES". Plastered every where. With sites like Teespring, sunfrog and viralstyles leading the charge in successful art theft. Not only that but with a background in Marketing, You can tell with the amount of likes and engagement that it's being paid for. 3.5k likes results in around an ad spend of $400 dollars, this with your ad spending costing you say......05 cents per click. It's not an exact match but I've experienced enough of facebook adds to smell when Sh$% stinks. Profiting off someone elses hard work that needs that success and those sales as much or even more than you its quite vile.
For some of them I understand, if you are impoverished, you don't mind as much doing what you have to do to survive. For instance, Someone has a family, the family is in the cold and starving. The only possible option for starving at this moment when asking does not work, would be to steal food to survive. There are philosophical questions and a debate can be made for either or, but the basic idea that I want to get across is, I don't see every thief as a bad guy. Life does not deal in black and white only. So considering this, thieves are human too.  And I want to treat them as such. But I will not tolerate stealing from people who are as much or worst off than the thieves. Not every thief is a noble person working on their survival. 
We fight the good fight, help Artist make a living with what they love to do, and fight off the bad guys that dare threaten their livelihood with constant theft for a quick buck. Unlike the other sites that sell designs to for a buck, I'm set on fighting theft and offering as much as I can for support to these Amazing people. It's hard and even frightening to believe in yourself at times. To be daring enough to strike out on your own. You shouldn't be punished for it you should be rewarded for it. We all, should protect that type of heart.
If you see a thief point them out, report them, Chances are if it's a random page selling some incredible looking designs, they stole it from the artist.  Be on the lookout, be vigilent, help those who have earned their way in this world make it and not be snuffed out due to heartless petty thievery.

Here is a video that explains art theft very well.

In short, make sure you buy all of your anime, gaming, comics, animation, cartoon whatever kind of shirts, merch, clothes or apparel, from sources that display the artist.

All the best peeps and pals.

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