Anime Becoming Mainstream?

Anime Becoming Mainstream?

Is anime actually becoming mainstream? Well the short answer is maybe. With the medium on the rise, more and more people are becoming interested in the idea and shows of Japanese animation. Whether the reason being that they provide something different than western shows, are simply interesting, or that a famous celebrity has taken and voiced an interest in anime, it is on the rise.

            It is due to a variety of factors, but as of the right now the mainstream element of anime’s popularity stems from celebrities. Individuals with massive followings, causing whatever they touch to soar in popularity. There are many examples of this but we can certainly concentrate on the recent occurrences of such behavior.

Recently, Michael B. Jordan, recognized as his prominent role in Black Panther has stated that he is an anime fan. With a current celebrity announcing his love for the medium, it certainly came to the public’s attention. There were some even that try to call him out on it saying he was a fake anime fan or just a mainstream anime watcher, watching shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto alone. But he proved himself to be one of us, showing to the public that Anime is quite popular.

[Kim Kardashian explaining her hair inspo from Darling in the Franxx’s Zero Two

Whether this is decidedly a fortune in disguise or just a failure waiting to happen, that remains to been saw. All that we know is that anime is great and people should share in that greatness.

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